They’re Ba-aack! – RUMOUR

One would think, after having just traded for a former 3rd over-all, the Sens would be done on the negotiating side of things…well, rumour has it they’re not.

A pretty reliable source just let me know that the Sens remain interested in Brassard, but have no interest in moving a pick or AHL prospect to land him.

His salary is an issue, but not a major one, if some could go back the other way, and that is their position vis-a-vis taking on Brassard.

He would add even more young depth to this rebuilding roster, but another forward on a one way deal…really?

Apparently the thinking is that Brassard is still a legitimate top six talent, and if they can get him going here he could either stay on the roster going forward, or be flipped for a better return than he is currently attracting at this point, while mired in the soul destroying vortex that is Columbus.

Butler for Brassard, anyone…anyone?


Me either.

Seems a pretty big stretch to me, in fact, I would bet those formerly interested in Turris will be more willing, and able, to put together a package for Brassard, than the Senators…if they are in fact even interested in doing so, which I highly doubt.


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2 Responses to “They’re Ba-aack! – RUMOUR”

  1. GN

    Brassard is playing on the first PP with Nash. But he’s got to produce.

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