Hello Mr. Happy.

Well, no doubt Christmas came early for Turris.

Even Carks couldn’t beat that grin off of his face.

Good, half of this game is about attitude, and for a player steeped in negative press, in terms of said attitude, he handled his first locker room scrum well, and showed great enthusiasm.

Now he has to do the same on the ice.

I, for one, am suprised he is getting into the game tomorrow night.  I figured, after having missed training camp, and trying to fit in under a new system, with new line-mates, the Sens would put him through a couple of practices first, and let him watch at least one game, from on high, with an assistant coach.  Guess not, and for the moment it looks like he’ll centre Foligno and Condra on the second line…a new mix all around.

Go get ’em Mr. Happy, Santa gave you what you had at the top of your wish list  (a trade to Ottawa), so now keep smiling, play hard, and prove your detractors wrong.


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One Response to “Hello Mr. Happy.”

  1. senatorsman1200 Says:

    What’s wrong with Carks and Turris?
    I’m confused now D:

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