The Filatov Fiasco – The Full Story.

Ok, here’s the deal on Filatov, for those wondering.

1. The Senators had a verbal agreement with the CSKA to loan him to Moscow, for the remainder of this year.

2. Filatov left Ottawa, went to Bingo, then off to JFK, flying to MOW, to sign his deal with the CSKA club.

3. CSKA Moskcow, in the interim, had a managerial implosion, relating to their new owners/sponsors, about who was calling the shots, budgets, and future developments.

4. CSKA Moscow management have not been able to sign Filatov due to these internal power struggles.

5. As he has only been allowed to leave, not officially “loaned” from his NHL contract (he has not signed a CSKA contract, triggering the legal “loan”), meaning he still remains on the Sens roster, and was being paid his NHL salary,  by the Sens, who thought this would all have stopped when Nikki landed in MOW, and promptly signed his CSKA contract.

6. To stop the $$$ bleeding, and free up a roster spot for Turris, the Sens have been forced to demote Filatov to Bingo, then, when he doesn’t report, suspend him, effectively doing the same for the clubs roster and finances as would have happened had they been able to officially “loan” him to CSKA Moscow by Filatov signing a contract with them.

So here we are, no Filatov, and Filatov is not playing.  Lose/lose.

I have absolutely no idea what will happen from here.

Some speculate this is about CSKA Moscow now wanting a longer term deal, which would then require their permission before Filatov could return to the NHL, which the Sens will not allow, without compensation (this was supposed to be a remainder of the year scenario).

Others think it has to do with CSKA wanting the Sens to pay Filatov’s tab until Moscow’s next game, this Tuesday, when they will then sign him and dress him.

Others believe this really is a complete clusterfk on the part of CSKA Moscow, and Filatov may well be left with only two options, not play (if no other CSKA team offers him a deal), or return to Bingo.

There’s no way he doesn’t play, he cannot afford to sit on his ass and do nothing, no doubt he has spent money with expectation of earning it in the future, not to mention his career would suffer for being idle.

Nobody has offered any odds on how this plays out, and the latest reports indicate a signed contract is pending, and Moscow intends to play him on Tuesday.

As with anything out of Russia, we’ll see.


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6 Responses to “The Filatov Fiasco – The Full Story.”

  1. Chasing the wind!

  2. I do. I wish him all the luck and fortune that he can get. It’s just a young person who doesn’t understand the concept of working your way to the top – versus starting there. No malice intended – wrong time of the year for that.

    • They’re saying the same about Turris…only he can’t run away to the KHL.
      I hope the kid truly isn’t good enough to play in the NHL, otherwise he’s spent a lot of time and energy for nothing, money be damned.

      • Just finished watching Turris – not the same type of player. He’s a hockey player, all the way. If he can score 10 – 20 goals between now and the end of the year, we’ve got a legitimate 2LC. Here is my two cents worth of elephant crap. Filatov feels entitled by his talent, Turris feels unappreciated by his. Two different mind sets. I’ll take the latter any day. Just saying – and take it with a grain of salt!

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