On Turris to Ottawa -UPDATE

Turris for Rundblad and a 2nd round pick.  Horrible trade, IMO.

Maloney just buried the puck, Murray just tripped over the blueline.

How does a yet to succeed player, being paid millions, net a top young prospect, on an ELC, at a 2nd round pick, on a non play-off team?  I simply cannot explain it without using terms like drunk, imbecilic,  and impulse control.

Unless there’s a deal in the works for Kuba, netting an improved second round pick, I’m furious at this over-payment, and I’m the guy who has been saying we desperately need centre depth.

In my mind Lee and a second would have been fair value.  Rundblad?  This is a joke, right?

Add to this the fact Big Mel is now on the hook for @1.6M in increased salary, both real dollars and cap space (Rundblad earns 600k, plus bonuses, which are unlikely to be met, so are a wash).

Time will tell if this deal works, but Turris has a lot of performing to do, against men, where Rundblad already has.  Obviously I don’t like this deal, and Murray’s trade record has been shite thus far…I want to be positive…but that would just be lying.

The chatter continues on this front, with some still linking Ottawa with this trade possibility.  From my sources, the indications are that no team has been willing to come close to Phoenix’s expectations, and it is their opinion none will.

This is now a matter of Maloney swallowing his pride and doing what is best for the team, long term, and parting company with Turris.  We in Ottawa know the taste is bitter, but letting the bad smell linger will do no good for anyone, player, team, or management.

I suspect the trade goes down (not sure with whom) before the roster freeze.

The talk around Ottawa has Murray offering up Butler for Turris, straight up.  I suggest Maloney look at the numbers, both on and off the ice, for these two players, before demanding more.

Butler – 61 gp, 12 G, 15 A, 27 pts, 0.44 ppg

Turris – 137 gp, 19 G, 27 A, 46 pts, 0.34 ppg

Any expectation of Turris fetching a top pick, and top prospect or legitimate NHL roster player, is pure fantasy a phone call away.



2 Responses to “On Turris to Ottawa -UPDATE”

  1. Looking at those numbers, one would have to conclude there is perceived to be more upside to Turris. It is a gamble where one has to consider the dollar differential versus the potential upside. Glad I don’t make those decisions.

    • True.
      In this league, a draft position is a commodity, not just in reference to the actual player selected, but to some extend the (lost) potential of that pick.
      Turris, for the ‘Yotes, represent a “lost potential”, and they are attempting to market him as a “found potential”. In other words, the ‘Yotes see a wasted 3rd round pick, they’re desperate to recoup, while the eventual buyer see’s either a 3rd round bust with redemption upside, to a free third over-all pick.
      No doubt Maloney is selling Turris as a free third round pick…what do fellow GM’s see?
      I highly doubt, after Filatov, Murray see’s a free third over-all pick.
      Will one of 29 bite, or will Maloney be forced to swallow his pride and take his (deserved) lumps?
      I suspect we will soon find out.

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