Hello Kyle, Welcome to Ottawa, Beware The Chill.

Welcome to the Senators, Kyle.

Don’t mind the hand wringing about the trade, it’s what we (I) do, after almost any trade.  We traded a guy who wanted out, and has since been traded again, and has never come close to being the player we thought he was, for a guy who is now leading the league in scoring, and we panned that one, too.

So bear with us (me), it’s not about you, it’s us (me)…but you’ve probably said that yourself this year, right?  You know the drill.

There’s a bad smell around players who demand a trade, fair or not, and it will be up to you to disperse it.  You’ve made your bed, nobody here gives a sh!t about what happened in Phoenix, but will point to it as proof positive of your failure as a person/player if you don’t prove otherwise.  Again, fair or not, that’s the bed you made, and blowing hot air up your ass now won’t do a thing to change that fact, so let’s just face it head on, shall we?

But, all of that doom and gloom aside, you’re now with a franchise who wants and needs you, and if you contribute with hard work, and on ice performance, all will be forgotten, within the blink of an eye.

How do I know this?  Well, remember that former Sens player I mentioned above?  He came to town with some significant baggage, too, and 50 goals was more than enough to bury the bones, until he decided to dig them back up himself, that is.

No fan wants anything other than a winner, and it can’t be any more simple than that.  Help the team win, be a hero.  Help the team lose, be a zero.  I don’t care where you were drafted, how much you earn, what you did before pulling on that Sens sweater, if you go out there and contribute to a winning effort, your life will be good.

We need a solid, reliable second line centre.  You need a second chance.  Murray gave you what you needed, now it’s time to return the favour.

Simple as that.


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6 Responses to “Hello Kyle, Welcome to Ottawa, Beware The Chill.”

  1. Took a deep breath did you? 🙂

    My crystal ball needs new batteries so I have no idea how this will pan out. I’ve heard it said that you can never have enough D but maybe you can’t ever have enough top 6 either. And hopefully this is top six material.

    I made the mistake of hanging at senschirp comments for a bit and there are a lot of people who do not have this battery problem. Apparently Runblad has more potential and so much less attitude that there is no way this will be a positive. I hope BM is safely tucked away for the next little while, till emotion cools a bit.

    For me, this is part of the off-ice entertainment. GMs do things and we then see how they turn out. Others get all bent out of shape in lieu of waiting.

    Hopefully Mr. Turris gets past the chill.

  2. Would you want to play limited minutes in Pheonix?

    • No, and on the surface, this is a reasonable argument, unfortunately one rarely plays limited minutes when they’re performing, right?
      Look, there is absolutely no part of me that wants Turris to be anything other than a legitimate top six forward, nothing would make me happier, but I’m not about to deny that, at least to date, Rundblad represents the better player, even without the pick.
      Prove me wrong Kyle, I’ll eat crow, with vigour.

  3. PvR…Thanks, I needed that!

  4. Guys, Kyle had a good playoff and tried to parlay that into the big contract. He was looking at the top six in Phx this year till he held out.

    Turris is a second line center, top six type player, any pressure he can relieve from Jason is bonus.

    Canadian Center, good size, good @ the dot, “big wheels”, big ego, small salary, needs a second chance…with some good players

    Bryan has given us a contender again…

    • Not what I hear.
      All indications are he and Tippet had a very bad relationship, and Turris wanted out, at all costs.
      Is it Tippet, Turris, or both, to blame? Probably both.
      MacLean has been excellent with young talent in his head coaching debut (Daug, Condra, Cowen, Greening) and comes out of a system known for its ability to squeeze 10 litres of talent from an 8 litre sponge.
      Here’s hoping.

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