A Complete Game

Although not perfect, the Senators did what they have failed to do in the last stretch of games, play a solid sixty minutes.

Both the players and fans needed to see this team play a complete game.  They both needed to see this in order to believe they could do it, that their in-experience wasn’t so profound as to pre-empt their ability to close out a game in which they deserve the win.

Some may point to the weakened roster of the Pens as a reason for the Sens victory, but that’s BS.  The Sens were without two of their top three defencemen and their leading scorer, while playing their back-up.  yeah the Pens were down men, but they’ve played much of the past year without Crosby, so that’s a wash, and if one were to compare the experience remaining, between the two clubs, the Pens certainly had the edge…not to mention their #1 in the net for the third.

A wounded Sens roster, full of rookies and young players, put it to the Pens last night, plain and simple.

Just as they put it to the Bruins the previous game, only this time the puck luck was on their side, and the effort was much more focused, for the entire game.  Oh yeah, and Runner was down 05:43 in ice time versus the game against Boston, that helped too.

But, the Daug Pound line was a combined minus 3 on the night…get it together boys, you’re way better than that.


ps – Spezza, Alfie, Greening, Karlsson and Cowen were absolutely dominant on the night.  It was something special to watch…here’s looking for more of the same, coach.

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2 Responses to “A Complete Game”

  1. Daug Pound line 🙂

  2. Yeah, it will be my go to, thought it pretty much said it all. They dog the puck, and pound in the corners.

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