The Hitch.

This is a hockey blog, so I’ll stick to it, but I would like to take a moment to remember the life of Christopher Hitchins, a great mind, orator and essayist, who past away today. 

It is in his spirit that I write this blog post.

We often refer to the Stanley Cup as “The Holy Grail”, but unlike the Holy Grail, the Cup is real, and for those who seek it, often it becomes more a battle within their own spirit, than that of their opposition.

Within a team reaching this ultimate goal, winning The Cup, the individual players that do the most toward this team achievement have faced their internal struggles, and over-come them.  They have just as much defeated their own weaknesses, as exploited those of their opponent.

As Sun Tzu said, to know your enemy, is to win half of your battles, to know yourself is to win the other.

The Sens are now fighting with themselves, both individually, and as a team.  The opposition, at this point, is really more of a medium for knowing themselves.

So, yes, the  Sens face a tough opponent tonight, in the Pens, but compared to the opponent that is themselves, their own weaknesses, they are nothing.

When the Senators come to know themselves, be at their best, individually and as a team, then the opposition will matter, but right now, they’re beating themselves more often than not, and that represents the biggest challenge of tonights match…themselves.

Right now, in terms of winning consistently, that’s the hitch.


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