Raggedy Andy, While Thomas a Dandy

Well, that was too bad.

In many ways the Sens played a good game, particularly in the first two periods, but either due to pressure, a lack of patience, or fatigue, the wheels fell off the wagon in the third.

I for one point to fatigue, at least for Anderson, who visibly grew tired as the match went on, resembling a gassed out fighter by midway through the 3rd, still trying to defend, but really just holding on for dear life.   Add to this the skaters inability to score on Thomas, and it was lights out.

Out gassed, classed and lucked, it happens folks, and there will be more like it until this team matures.

Rundblad just isn’t ready for the ice-time, and roll, he’s being forced to assume, and I for one hope he’s seen the difference between the SEL and NHL, and is now more willing to accept some time in the minors upon the return of Gonch and Kuba.  He’s going to be very good in this league, but needs time to adjust, while under less pressure.

My last thought is on Alex Auld.  If, in a back to back, road to home series, you can’t put in your back-up, you don’t have a back-up.  Anderson should have never started that game, and MacLean knows it, but felt (obviously) he had no choice…

Nice try boys, and for 2/3rds you played great, you’ll get ’em next time!


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2 Responses to “Raggedy Andy, While Thomas a Dandy”

  1. Is Auld injured? Or just not playing well?

  2. He has yet to post a single win this season, not due to injury. Ugh.

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