Sens Look to Carve Up Some Buffalo

Well, here we go again, the Sens face off tonight in chicken city, and will be packin’ their Buffalo guns when they do, dressing Neil, Konopka, Smith and Carkner, while sitting the pea shooter that is Bobby Butler.

Still remaining on the sidelines are Kuba and Gonchar, tasking the teams young d-men to once again face a potent offence with little veteran support to aid in the task.  So far no good, at least versus Vancouver, can tonight be different?

Well, I suspect that will be up to the forwards to determine.  Unless, of course, both Rundblad and KK decide to turn the puck over at the blue-line, when the last man back.  Egads, that was a series of boneheaded plays.  But, yes, they are both still young, and learning from your mistakes is required for any players development…so get it out of your systems, boys.

Tonight, I suspect, we will see more of the same as was sketched out versus the ‘Nucks.  Hit ’em hard, and hit ’em everywhere.  Keep the forwards worried about a check coming from every angle, make them rush plays, and have them limit their pressure on our in-experienced D.  This will be the role of the forwards, to frustrate their counterparts, without taking penalties in the process.

A lot will be expected of Anderson, as well.  Basically, expect a lot of defensive mistakes, and if Andy can’t play at his best, or better, it could be a blow-out.  Some may think I’m being negative here, but, folks, our D corps has 4 players with a combined 396 games, one of them a frequent healthy scratch, 2 absolute rookies, and the fourth a fancy pants gun-slinger.  Eeesh.

No, this one will be won, or lost, by the forwards, even if the defence is average on the night.  They will have to score, hit and defend, or lose.

I will say this about tonight, it’s going to be a fun game to watch, as these teams have no love for each-other.  Both really need to put up some points, after each having posted sub-par records over the last 10 games and battling for a crack at post season play.

Buffalo is the favourite here, even if the Sens were healthy…but the Sens have proven to play their best when counted out.



4 Responses to “Sens Look to Carve Up Some Buffalo”

  1. That game against those a-holes from Vancouver was IMO a great game. It was payback for the childish antics of Burrows and his French sidekick. I don’t mind that we lost on the score board. As a team effort to right the wrongs it was fantastic. We don’t have the skill set to win against them with any regularity, but I’ll take our heart and character over their team any day. I’m really starting to like what MacLean is doing with this team and make no mistake this is his team not Murray’s. I don’t think that they can just bring in anybody and plop them at the 2lc spot. This person will have to be someone that has the skill level and will fit in with these guys.

    • Completely agree about all, but the 2lc. Anybody that can provide depth in the top 6 would be good, because right now it’s a bit of a wasteland (excluding 11,19,9).
      A top 6 forward of legitimate NHL calibre would improve this team both now and in the future, IMO (assuming they’re not a douchebag…coughHeatleycough).

      • GN. Very prophetic pre-game, but in the end, it was the D who came through. 🙂 Karlsson taking a face-off in OT. Wow. hehe.


        • Yeah, thought I’d drifted off and into a nightmare during that face-off, lol. A win is a win…but there were some ugly moments in that one, for sure.

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