If You Can’t Beat ’em On The Ice…

First off, sorry for the delay in posting. Things have gotten a little challenging lately, time wise, and when I find time, I post a bunch of thoughts at once.

Here are my thoughts on the VAN game…loved it, absolutely loved it!

I had no illusions that Ottawa was going to win that game.  Ottawa has been struggling, while Vancouver has been flying.  Add to this the loss of 2 of their 3 veteran d-men, and the writing was on the wall, scoreboard wise.

And, in this regard, a 4-1 loss wasn’t that bad, especially when you consider the very solid scoring opportunities the team had but (unusually for this season) didn’t cash in on.  This game was closer on the ice than then scoreboard showed.  I say good on this team for competing, while down critical skills, against one of the top teams in the league…no shame in that, none.

Now, why I loved it.  Not only did this team compete, they made themselves known.  I have no doubt that this team was challenged, by management, to get out there and grind down the ‘Nucks.  They did this, in spades.

Winning that game would have meant little or nothing, long-term.  Losing that game, while playing hard, competing and showing a breadth of “style”, is a big harbinger of good things to come.

That is what this season is about, developing the skills required to win…and that game showed significant development.



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