Filly Takes A Flyer…Home.

Good, and it’s about time.

My biggest question on this is why was he scratched for 5 games?  Why not make this happen 5 games ago?

I suspect it had something to do with negotiations with the KHL, who had to compensate the Sens for Filatovs rights.  I suspect the Sens made back their initial investment in Filly, less the pick.

So now the question is…where does this go from here?  Is Filatov still a prospect, or has he left his NHL dreams behind him along with his NHL contract?  I sure as hell don’t know.

I understand, and even agree with Filatov wanting to go home to the KHL.  IF he wasn’t going to play in the NHL simple economics dictated he had to return to the KHL, he had to.

His returning doesn’t mean he has no desire to come back, but it does mean his skill development will need to take an alternate route, and this route does not look promising at addressing the issues that are keeping him out of the league; dealing with physicality.

All reports have Filatov being a good team-mate, a player with a good attitude and effort during practice, and a generally well received professional by both management and team alike, yet still he can’t crack the roster…something seems to be missing in this equation.  Add to this the play of his “replacement”, Butler…and now I’m really confused.

Either I’m missing something, or there’s something I’m not being told.

Or, maybe, he’s just not good enough.



2 Responses to “Filly Takes A Flyer…Home.”

  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that Filatov may not listen to the coaches instructions well. I recall Spezza doing his utmost to set Filatov up in a recent game – to no avail. Then something interesting happened. MacLean leaned over and said something to Spezza and that was it for trying to set up his winger. From that point on Spezza tried to shoot the puck at the net and ignored Filatov. I’m probably using my imagination way too much, but who knows?

    • I too remember that game…and the change in Spezza’s play.
      If recent comments from Filly mean anything, maybe he see’s it too.
      I, for one, don’t blame him for wanting to go back to the KHL, I would too. Let’s face it, unlike most NA players, if sent down, he does have options, and why shouldn’t he maximize his income while he can?
      A lot of people say “just go down and earn your spot”. Sure, great, but what if he gets injured, and his career is over, then what? Nothing, that’s what.
      I say, if you can’t make the NHL, go get paid, and if you are good enough to play in the NHL, and you’ve made some money, and you really want it, at 22 yrs. old, you can still return to the NHL and spend a year developing your game in the AHL/NHL.
      Will he be back…dunno, but it will be a longer road now than if he had gone down to the AHL instead…but I can’t blame the guy for maximizing his income, while he can…I would.

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