Cowen Wins One For The Nick’er

For his 300th game, Nick Foligno can recall a win, thanks to team-mate Jared Cowen’s 3rd NHL goal, and first career game winner, in OT no less.

But it was a close call, and could easily have gone the other way if not for the stellar play of Craig Anderson, who found himself left high and dry far too often through-out the game.  Anderson is owed a number of steak dinners for that performance, having bailed out numerous defenders from having to suffer the shame of their gaffs.  The Sens iced an inexperienced defensive corp., and it showed, leading directly to the Sabres only two goals, scored 88 seconds apart, both resulting from horrible turn-overs by young d-men.

But you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, and in the end the Sens proved they’re not a team to turn your back on.  The comeback kids did just that, again, and without the help of league leading scorer Michalek, who left in the second after a collision with Karlsson.  In fact, it was the best hit of Karlsson’s career, sending Milan spinning onto the ice awkwardly.

Tomorrow the test is even bigger, and meaner…the killer B’s come to town, and should the Sens be without 9MM, it will go from a tough out, to a potential nightmare.

Hopefully Chara sits out, too.


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