Butler a Healthy Scratch…A Win – Gagne Situation?

It’s time.

We’ve done DaCosta…not ready.

We’ve done Butler…not ready.

We’ve done Greening…not ready.

We’re now doing Regin…TBD.

But, Regin or not, this team does not have a full top 6, and I’m not sure next season looks any better with the possible additions of Silfverberg and Zibanejad.

The Sens have two very potent top line players in Spezza and Michalek, and a fantastic second liner in Alfredsson, but after that, with the possible exception of Foligno…nada, zip, zero.

Unless Greening gets more involved in the play, and a more determined “ugly goal” guy, he will be a 3rd liner.

Butler…looking a lot like Bochenski.  Utility winger?  Butler, you have to do something here, the clock is ticking like a frickin time bomb strapped to your NHL career.

DaCosta, is where he belongs, for now.  Where it goes from there is anyone’s guess, but he isn’t ready to assume a top six role now.

Regin is Butler.  One great finish, in an otherwise lost season, does not make a consistent performer.  And like Butler, he will get his chance to prove himself a reliable top sixer…but the book remains out on this, especially considering last seasons epic flop.

So, the Sens have 3/4 top six players…and a host of hopes.

It’s time to trade up.  I know I’ve been on this, but I really believe this team needs way more depth in the top 6, and the trade for Filatov showed this need, and now that he is gone, and no player has shown to be a replacement for his hoped slot in the top six, a trade for this skill set has to be done.

This isn’t to say the team is desperate, Murray doesn’t need to make it happen NOW, because this team isn’t a post season contender (really), let alone Cup contender.  But he does have to seriously focus on making a fair value deal, and with exceptional bottom six depth, I would hope players like DaCosta, and Butler are available for trade.

Well, just so happens Butler is the healthy scratch tonight…is this a sign…I sure hope so.

Butler for Gagne?

Not a fair skill swap, but when you look at the money, the Sens will no doubt be the losers on this deal.  And in this league, money matters.

Yeah, I’m just dreaming in technicolor here…sigh.



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