Wiercioch Seriously Injured? UPDATE x2

From the team page; “The Binghamton Senators can confirm that Patrick Wiercioch is resting peacefully and his being evaluated at the hospital. There are no further updates on his condition at this time.”

As per TSN, Wiercioch is reported to be in stable condition and projected to be “o.k.”. I sure hope so as, from the outset, the news looked pretty grim…


Patrick Wiercioch has been rushed to Lourdes hospital after having been struck in the throat with a puck.

The injury occurred during the first period of a home AHL game, when a clearing attempt inadvertently struck Patrick in the neck. As of the end if the match he reportedly remains in care at the hospital.  As per coach Kleinendorst “He’s in our prayers…”

@DarrenDreger tweets he is currently listed as being in “stable condition”.

No team updates on his status at this moment, but some reports are that the injury may be serious, with Joy Lindsay reporting the possible need for a respirator due to swelling…here’s hoping he is ok.



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