The Young and The Relentless.

That was, without a doubt, the biggest odd-ball game thus far in the season.

And, at the end of the night, it highlighted what this Senators team really is, a work in progress.

The first half to two-thirds of that game were near picture perfect for this young club.  They came out a little slow, but fortunately so did Jersey, but as the first period progressed the new lines began to click, and the feet started moving, leading to some nice net drives and bang-bang plays earning two early goals.  Add to those an Alfredsson power play goal, and you have a healthy 3-0 lead, on the road.

Lights out, right…not when you ice seven rookies and your back-up goaltender.

Look, this is going to happen, and as angry as it made me (particularly the shorties…no excuse for that), this remains a very young club, and learning how to play with a lead is a skill still being developed.  Even the best teams can be lulled into complacency with a big early lead, as the Sens well know, they’ve capitalized on this in the past, but this loss, although mitigated with an OT point, should be a valuable lesson for this club.

Be happy for the full effort to tie up the game, and let the blowing of the lead be a teaching point, not a bitching point.



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