Sign of The Times

Erik Karlsson is struggling.

Yes, he’s continuing to earn points, but he is forcing the play more since a certain date, and seems a bit…pressured.


Well, I can think of at least 20 million reasons why.

Twenty million USD’s, over 5 years, to be exact.  That is what his former team-mate, Victor Hedman, signed for just 10 days ago.

I don’t know about you but, when I was 21, visions of earning four to five million dollars a year would probably have me a bit excited, and feeling pressured to make it happen.  This is generational wealth, for a 21 year old kid…of course it has him twitchy.

But, the BIG question is, for how much?  Hedman, a 2nd over-all, earned 20 over 5, coming out of EL.  I would suggest he represents the fair minimum.

Jack Jonhson, of the LAK’s, represents the fair top, at 30.5M over 7 years.

Now, this is always a bit of an apples and oranges, as, to date, Karlsson has been the better offensive player between he and Hedman, with Hedman being a much bigger body, while Johnson was similar offensively, last season, but has more experience and a more physical presence on the ice.  To me, this puts Karlsson closer to Hedman, than Johnson.

I’d put Karlsson in at 25M over 6 years, for an average cap hit of 4.167M/yr.

We all know he is going to be re-signed here in Ottawa, so just get it done, let the kid have his swoon period, and then get back to focusing on the game…the longer the team waits, the longer it will impact his play.



5 Responses to “Sign of The Times”

  1. I gotta agree.

    • x 2. I thought his defensive positioning had improved at the beginning of the year – but lately he is putting himself out of position.

      • Yup, his last few games have been gong-shows.
        Now he has to put it together, his defense and offense. He has the skill to do both, but has to learn that pivotal balance, and I absolutely believe he will get it right.
        Karlsson is so very, very cocky, and that is both good and bad. He believes so much in his skill that he can underestimate the skill of others. But, because of his cockiness, he hates being beaten, and has the will to win. This will make him improve and put the right skill at play at the right time…patience.

  2. I know this is sacrilegious, but I’m starting to cool off on our special little man. We’re saying his inadequacies simply have to be covered by the right d-partner, right? And that’s, when the trouble begins.
    Pretty soon he won’t be risked late in the game when holding a close lead. And that ain’t the superstar we all hope for.
    Karlsson’s future will rely on who’s playing with him. And that may be tougher to find than a very lucrative superstar trade. For someone who’s big enough to not get pushed over. And has high end skill.

    • Philter, I don’t think it’s a matter of covering inadequacies, it’s a matter of combining differing elite skills.
      Defensively I believe Karlsson is showing great strides, and is coming to learn how to play defense, with his frame, in this league. I believe he will soon put it all together, and it is now a matter of doing the right thing, at the right time, and it is this last step that has yet to be consistently made by Karlsson.
      Trade him…unless it’s Doughty, you won’t win that trade.

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