New Lines, Old Problems.

Well, MacLean took my advice, no doubt after having read my blog…it’s a burden folks, to have such influence.

Unfortunately, he didn’t read the fine print, and stopped at my suggestion to break up the top two lines.  I was left a little cold at his re-shuffle, and it was obvious I was right when he started to reassemble the lines with the third reunited, and the new, “old”, first line put back together.

So, in case you’ve read this far down Paul, I’ll re-iterate the right top 6 line combinations for you;



Speaking of 16/21, it’s time for 21.  now, I understand (as the 6thSens adroitly pointed out) I’m not in the room, and fully trust The Stashes take, but that being said, here’s mine;  I’m worried Paul likes Butler more than Nikki, for whatever reason, and it is influencing his line-up choices.  Of the two, from a purely skill set point of view, Filatov is the better player.  Bobby may have a better attitude (I’m just guessing here), but to date, he’s been a mess, wherever he skates, 4th, 2nd, or 1st line.

So, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, let’s get Filly back into the game, on the second line, and see if he, of the two, can get something going.  Because right now neither have proven themselves worthy of ice time, but to date Butts has had the most opportunity to prove his (un) worthiness.


ps – Obviously I’ve been very happy with the coaching thus far, and know my .02 is worth, well, about that…maybe.

pps – the best line-up move on the night was made by the refs, when they gave ZK a 10 minute misconduct, getting him off the ice before he could take another absurdly useless instigating penalty.  Zenon, what the hell were you thinking man…that was absolutely stupid timing.


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