Kabby For Spacek…Are the Flood Gates Opening? UPDATE

UPDATE – Morrow, who has suited up for all 28 of this seasons LAK matches, has just been waived by the club.  Now, this only clears his relatively minor 600k off of the books, but it does beg one to wonder why they would move him at all, it’s not like demoting a player averaging @10 min/game is going to have any impact on the teams record…curious.

I know Murray fancies Penner, always has.

There’s no secret that Kaberle was skating on thin ice as a Hurricane, and everyone knew Montreal was getting desperate for a blue-line move with Markov an ongoing infirmary case, and the team’s record suffering for it.

So to see Spacek, an over-paid, under-performing defenceman traded for  Kaberle, an over-paid, under-performing defenceman, is no big surprise.  The fact Montreal assumed this contract, and parted with a pending UFA in order to do so…that’s a big surprise, and might well spell the end of “The Ghost” if it doesn’t reap immediate returns.

But does this mean GM’s are starting to read the writing on the wall, and believing that, if any impact is to be made by a trade, now is the time?

I’ve reached out to a number of sources, and I’m getting nothing…there just isn’t much chatter out there, and it would appear that this trade in MTL caught a lot of people looking the other way…apparently it has something to do with Markov’s questionable status in returning to the line-up, short-term, or long term.

Brassard, Penner, Gagne and Ruutu remain the most oft mentioned forwards in trade rumours.



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