A Brassard Pill To Swallow? – RUMOUR

A source indicates, based upon a conversation with Brassards agent, that Brassard is “looking forward to getting home, and hopefully staying there”  While another suggest a trade may be in the works for Regin, with Brassy and the Sens 3rd going the other way.

But has the recent sound play of Foligno, as #2C, already filled this role?

Some believe it has, but, for me, I still do not think so, mainly because Foligno has, at best, been competent in this role, and should injury require him to move into the top centre role, he would be unlikely be able to do so.

Regin is now skating with this club, but, even if he could soon play for the Sens, it is just as likely he will rotate between the 2C position and 2LW, with Foligno, and neither are likely to be competent short term solutions on the top line.

Who knows, as the sources are dubious, at best.

But what is cold hard fact is Brassard’s salary, and the fact that he has sat 8 games, for a total non performing expense of over 312k, to date, plus the salary of the guy replacing him on the ice.  This for a team that lost over 13.5 million USD last season, and is now sporting a much heftier salary commitment, but no results to show for it, either on the ice, or in the stands, with attendance down by over 1%, yr/yr.

Even though I don’t put much credit to this rumour, my gut still tells me Derick will soon be traded, and Ottawa is a very likely destination.



One Response to “A Brassard Pill To Swallow? – RUMOUR”

  1. Not worried about a fill in @ 1LC. ZSmith would be able to fill in for a few games much like Kelly used to. If Spezza were to get hurt, I think this would be the most likely scenario provided Regin is not available.

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