Of Karma and Consistency

Well, the hockey gods were quick to strike back for that questionable goal against WPG.  The Sens were given a break on the Smith goal, when the play should have been called dead, but instead allowed the puck to squirt to the front of the net for a quick easy snap into the open cage.

Now the Gods give Karlsson a well placed rut, allowing for a quick two on one, resulting in WSH’s winning over-time goal, in 12 seconds no less.

Fair’s fair, I guess.

The one good thing about that quick goal is that it put us viewers out of our misery.  What an absolutely terrible game, by both teams.  Ottawa looked asleep at the wheel of the train to nowhere that Washington seems to be riding on.  Even the ice was sick of watching the game, and did all it could to end the fans suffering!

From Ottawa’s perspective, the most glaring issue was the teams utter unwillingness to drive the middle of the ice.  It was as though the slot was a no go zone for all but Alfie…this has to stop.  There is no way this team is going to continue to win by playing peripheral hockey, they just do not have the depth of skill to accomplish cross ice feeds and sniper one timers.  This team has got to get back to driving the net and getting off shots from the slot.

I’ll chalk it up to fatigue, for now, but consider yourselves on notice!

The Sens now face an extremely challenging set of games, eight of ten against current play-off teams.  From a challenging road set, versus mostly “average teams”, to a challenging home set, versus mostly “elite teams”.  Pick your poison, right?

But, at least the Sens did well on their road foray, gaining 10 of a possible 18 points, for a 0.556 W%.  It may not be world-class, but it is certainly well beyond pre-season expectation, and certainly of post-season candidacy (#1 ranked PIT has a road record of 0.563).

Can the Sens really make a drive for the post-season, or are they just pretenders who have done well, against lesser teams, but have no real claim to top eight status?

This next 10 games will answer this question.  If the Sens can repeat the recent 10 game W% of 0.600 in the next 10 game set, they will have earned legitimate post season cred, and likely standing.

If they dip below a W% of 0.540, or 11 pts. in the next 10 GP, then the hunt for the post season is over.



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