Capital Crunch

In a world going through capital issues, there’s no doubt the Sens hope to instill one of their own.

Into the line-up will be Neil, and out will go Butler.

More jam, with half the float.  Just what a capital crunch needs.

Today will be much like the last game versus Boston, Ottawa has to do enough to win, but not enough to stoke the flames of a smouldering Washington club.  If Washington comes alive, the Sens can’t compete, like it or not.

as well, the Sens need to get back to playing straight ahead hockey.  Stop the cutesy, get hitting, shooting, and driving the net.  Jason needs to shoot, Alfie needs to shoot, and Smith needs to shoot.  The only guy in the loss to DAL to consistently take shots was Mich, and he scored, and threatened to score all game.  He didn’t let the lack of polish from Foligno stop him, he made his own opportunities.

This game is winnable, but only if the Sens play their best, and Washington remains mired in poor play.

Should be interesting, if nothing else.



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