Welcome To Nowhere…Turn Left For Stanleyville, Right For Yelnatston, But You Can’t Stay Here

So, here we sit, at the quarter mark, neither fish nor fowl.

The Sens aren’t a Stanley Cup contender, nor a Puc Yelnats contender.

We aren’t bad, but we aren”t good, either.

But are we, as a fanbase, happy, sad, or, like the team, somewhere in the middle, neither happy nor sad?

I find myself in the middle, for what it’s worth.  I find it difficult to believe that this team is really close to post season contention, especially when you consider how it has fared against the better teams in the league, but I worry it may be too good to pull off a top 5 pick at this years draft.

The team may find itself uncomfortably lost in that no mans land of “mid-round”, the wasteland of stalled rebuilds, or, worse, almost good enough, we just need a few more (UFA) pieces.

I’m a big believer in being good at something, whether it’s being good, or bad.  But being bad at anything, is always bad.

In the NHL, being good at being good=good.

Being good at being bad=good

Being bad at being bad, or good=bad.

I worry the Sens are being bad at being bad.

While mired in the traction-less muck of no-mans land, should we hope for wins, or for losses?

Should we play the rookies for the experience, and the loss, or run with the vets, in hopes of a win?

I wish I knew.

I know I sleep better after a win, than a loss, but the nagging feeling that the team is chasing its tail just won’t go away…or, may be it doesn’t really matter.  Maybe this team is close.  Maybe this team already has the pieces to take the next step (Petersson, Rundblad, Filatov, Hoffman, DaCosta, Stone, Lehner, Silfverburg, Zibanejad, Regin, Wiercioch, Gryba) and winning, or losing, really don’t matter, yet.

I just don’t know.



4 Responses to “Welcome To Nowhere…Turn Left For Stanleyville, Right For Yelnatston, But You Can’t Stay Here”

  1. The only benefit to losing bad enough to pick in the top 5 is… well, the pick. But it also has a lot of negative side effects, such as creating a bad atmosphere around your team. At this point, I feel as though our younger players are gaining experience that will make them better players, and will make the team better in the long run. I don’t know that they would gain that experience and come out with that confidence if we just tanked. So, is that one top 5 player

    I guess, unless we are tanking specifically for #1, don’t bother. And for better or worse (I think better), we aren’t bad enough this year to do that.

    So yeah, I”m not too concerned about our draft position, especially given Murray’s abilities at the podium, especially in the later rounds. He will pick the right person at 5, 10 or 15… whatever it may be.

    • Sage advice, boobs, sage advice.

      • Given the youth on the team and the positive attitude overall, I’m happy to see the team win.

        What’s important to me is the team seems to have it’s mojo back – fightlng to the end, never saying die. Anderson has been hot and cold – but if you subtract his cold games we’ve been in almost every single game this year.

        That said, I think the team should continue to offload long in the tooth veterans at this year’s deadline. Kuba Gonchar and Carkner should be actively shopped. Any success we have in the meantime is playing with house money

  2. IMO, never trade a winning attitude for two birds in the bush. We have quite a few quality players that have been drafted and are developing nicely in the lower ranks. This is not the finished product, this is stage one of a three to four year rebuild. Has it been a successful year one, so far – I believe so. My worry is trading away components this year in trying to rush the plan – eg. Toronto. There is a plan, let’s see what develops – I want a Lord Stanley banner, not the promise of one!

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