Sens Win Dog Fight Vs. Jets

You pay for the whole seat, but you’ll only use the edgedgedgedgedgeeee.

Wow, was that a track meet or what?!

That was not how McLean drew that one up, or at least I hope not.  That was one of the sloppiest, mad cap, fire drills I’ve seen in quite some time, and to think the Sens came out with the win…amazing.

I just wish those two teams could play four in a row, because, honestly, the Sens may not have learned their lesson in that one, and as much as I’m impressed with their fortitude, that just can’t be allowed to happen on a regular basis.

The other thing that just can’t be allowed to continue is to have so many players being pushed around.  When are Neil and Carks back again?  None to soon I say.

We all know Filatov has been praying for a Senators injury in the forward ranks…well, watch out what you hope for eh Filly?  That could have been nasty, and I don’t mind admitting I squealed like a little girl when I saw that skate hit his face…wow, that was close.  Hope you’re o.k. Nikki, and besides, a broken nose will get you more locker room cred than a point, any day.

Finally, that final PP.  I was ready to lose it when McStash put the third line out there, on the first PP, down a goal, late in the third.  Well, shows what I know.  Damn, is this guy a coach or what?  That’s what I call a gutsy move, with your back against the wall.

Now it’s off to the Dirty D, for a match with the Stars.  The Sens have been good in the West, but let’s hope the skin of their teeth win against WPG will help get them back to the plan, and quit the running around.



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