Rumour Du Jour: Chatter Chowder

Well, there’s a lot of ingredients for a steaming bowl of Chatter Chowder today.  The biggest being Duck, Anaheim Duck to be exact.  Now it seems the talk is about Bobby Ryan, the “truculent” forward who has been a part of the “nein line”, or so calls it a western source.

This line, representing what is supposed to be Anaheims offensive punch, has been weakened by the play of Ryan, and it now looks like he might be the scape-duck, in hopes of shaking up the team.

Rumour has it that Toronto is heavy into this trade talk, with the names Schenn and Kadri going the other way.

It’s interesting, if nothing else.

I haven’t heard a word about any Ottawa involvement.

The other big name floating around is Iginla.  This one just won’t quit, but also doesn’t have any substance, beyond spit balling.  As I’ve said in the past, I can’t see Ottawa getting into this one as, apart from some “character” attributes, Iggy’s skill timeline doesn’t fit with Ottawa’s rebuilding trajectory, for Iginla, or the team.

Last but not least is Brassard…offers have been made, but right now they’re in the vein of “you give us Brassy and a 2nd round pick, and we’ll take him off your hands”.  Not what the Jackets are hoping for…but would a buy out be better, because that may well be the only other option, especially if they keep benching him.

Enjoy, that’s it for today.



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