Early Bird Gets The Worm

With two coaching changes in one day, Washington and Carolina, respectively, it got me thinking about the coaching carousel that was (is?) the Ottawa Senators of the past few seasons.

No doubt stepping into a head coaching position is a tough move even at the best of times, but is it even  easier at the worst of times?

When Paddock came onboard, he was taking over the reigns of a team, supposedly, without issue.  he was expected to just keep the cart on the path, not tip it over, or over-steer.  But when the wheels fell off, it was easy to blame him, as obviously it wasn’t the teams fault, having been to the finals only just the previous year.

In came Hartsburg, to get the cart back onto the course, and then not tip it over, or over-steer.  Once again, under the pressure of high expectation, when the wheels didn’t come back on, it was the coach who got the whip.  But at this point, we were all beginning to wonder if it was more the horse and wagon, less the coachman, if you will.

Enter Clouston, heavy with the whip, no longer tasked with making an elite team, just a competitive team, and for a time, it seemed to work…but then the horses started to buck back.  First, and most dramatically, was Heatley, who broke reign and bolted (good riddance, I say).  Then an over-all lack of cohesion, as the horses seems confused, and the wagon they pulled in need of repairs.

At this point, before the coach was canned, the players started to get the axe.  Out went Fisher and Kelly, not because they were the problems, but because they could most easily provide the parts needed to fix the problems, draft picks and cap space.

Then went the coach, and the final whoosh of expectation from the fan base.  We, for the most part, were willing to now be patient in seeking wins, where previous coaches were not provided the same latitude.

So, does this mean, in the series of coaching changes since the hiring of MacLean, he landed the plum job?

He isn’t under the pressure of “fixing” a team in order to make it be what those in the media and fandom believe it is, or rescue a team from the brink, as is the case in Carolina, where expectations may not be sky-high, but they are not being met, either.

Are those two coaches just putting in time, while the horses and wagons of their respective teams continue to buck and shimmy, no matter the amount of whip or quality of driving?

Dunno, but I do know MacLean, to date, has had a clean sheet of ice to work with, and his window of judgement will be much larger than those now cashing head coach cheques for the first time in their careers.

Hey Hunter and Muller, you might want to consider renting…for now.



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