Brassard, Kuba and Bernier – Trade Chatter.

There is some chatter going on out there about the Sens.  The story remains active around Brassard, but I’m told CBJ wants a goaltender in return and have had delusions that Brassard, along with Mason, would be the pieces that would secure them a legit #1.  So far no takers, as the LAK are un-willing to play along, and Bernier was the #1 target of the Jackets.

So now what?

Well, the Jackets might now be more willing to make a money move, and be content with the shedding of Brassards salary as the return on any deal involving the repeated healthy scratch.  Inversely, this forces the team acquiring Brassard to assume the contract, but not move equivalent money back.  Think Brassard for Lee, not that I’m suggesting that is a deal being discussed, just a contract example.

Kuba might be garnering some interest from the Hawks, who cleared salary in hopes of landing a top tier defenseman, which Kuba might satisfy, especially with his solid play of late, and the un-willingness of teams to move truly top end defensemen.

If Murray could swing Kuba to CHI, for a prospect and or pick, while landing Brassard for a minor prospect (say Jakub Culek), and this might work for the Senators.

Just spit balling here, but there is some trade chatter about all of these NHL players.



8 Responses to “Brassard, Kuba and Bernier – Trade Chatter.”

  1. If they can get good value for Kuba now that he is playing so well, and get a legit 2nd line center, I say go for it!

  2. did you here about bobby ryan’s availability>

    I think that could be a great pick up in that it gives back Spezza a legitimate scoring winger. God he needs people to bury those passes…

    It’s a good time because Ottawa can probably undersell for Ryan considering the terrible situation the ducks are in. I would think foligno plus plus gets him in a sens sweater. Another scenario, if that is too low a price, could be trading Michalek for Ryan straight up. Sell high on Michalek’s great start for Ryan’s scoring potential; also, their cap hits are similar…interesting.

    • Each of those pluses with Foligno will have to be worth more than Foligno himself. Michalek for Ryan straight up?

      • I would do MIlo for Ryan definetly; he’s younger and has larger scoring ceiling! Love Michalek and his game, but he is streaky.

        Only other thing you give up in Milo is PK time; I’m sure Smith and Condra et al can take care of it. I would even think the ducks would be desperate enough to throw in a conditional pick…

        That would be a Murray special. Heres hopin…

        • I’m sure YOU would do Michalek for Ryan straight up, but the Anaheim GM would laugh hysterically at the offer and hang up.

          Let’s see, a young power forward/sniper with 30 goal seasons under his belt for an older winger with two bad knees……

          • True enough, but the senators actually have some bargaining power that could make this deal possible:
            1. Anaheim are beyond desperate: whether it be a coaching or player move, something has to happen. Ryan and Getzlaf have already been rumored to be prime candidates to depart. Murray can take advantage of this;

            2. MIchalek is having an exceptional start to the season: Regardless of his injury history, he is still young and is currently among the league leaders in goals. Considering he is more of a defensive and pk specialist than ryan, I can see his value being quite attractive to a team like the ducks

            So to sum up why this could happen…

            Relatively same age wingers; around the same cap hit; one is having a great start to the season, one has more potential, but both are skilled and dependable forwards, integral to offensive production; and Murray has a favorable and attractive position to negotiate from

            The Ducks could be desperate enough for the ‘now’ scoring of Michalek and roll the dice by giving up on Ryan

  3. Anaheim is going thru a rough patch that a single trade will not fix. And even if it could, trading Ryan for Michalek is assinine. They need to rebuild lines 2-4 and you don’t do that by dealing your top LW. Look at the hole that was left by Heatley’s departure. It still hasn’t been filled.

    Michalek is a broken asset. He’s playing well right now, but his knees cannot be disregarded. No GM is crazy enough to deal a cornerstone like Ryan for an incosistent winger with bad knees.

    • You lost your argument when you said “No GM is crazy enough…” lol!
      But, FWIW (nothing), I haven’t heard a word about Ottawa involvement with ANA, for any player.

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