Filatov Set To Return…But Where?

Home, or Ottawa?

Sources have indicated that Filatov is currently in Ottawa, and DaCosta is the most likely Senator on his way back to the A.

But is it to have the GM cut his ties with the flashy forward, or to get his chance to earn an NHL roster spot?

One would have to think, if a player does return to the A (which is the belief), he is here to play, if not stay.

Can Filatov do what is hoped of him, and bring an NHL game, including both skill and effort, on a regular basis, or, as was said by Carver55, is he just a legend in his own mind?

I wish I had an answer for this, but it seems to me (easy for me to say from the comfort of my living room) that, in a rebuilding season, every effort has to be made to make sure Filatov isn’t an NHL’er.

DaCosta (who I see as a future NHL’er) had a loooong look in a top 6 position, when it was dead obvious that he was not ready for that role, shouldn’t Filatov have a chance to do the same?

If he fails, the GM can do whatever he so chooses, and there will be no lingering “what ifs” from a fan base with stars in their eyes, and dreams of finding a diamond in the rough (I guess you could include me in this, as much as I hate to accept it).

I want Filatov to succeed and, as a fan, why wouldn’t I?  But I am more than willing to accept the decision of the team management, who has actually watched, spoken to and coached Filatov.

I’m clinging to hope…but isn’t that what we’re being sold right now?



5 Responses to “Filatov Set To Return…But Where?”

  1. I think that he will be given a chance. Unless he is considered some kind of change room poison for his attitude, I can’t see a reason not to. Mind you, BM hasn’t been on the phone to get my opinion either.

  2. So Filatov is back tonight (late afternoon) against the Canes. I can only hope to see some urgency in his game, especially in defensive play.

    Considering this is his last shot, he really needs to focus on short shifts, backchecking and good positional play.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him get some PP time on the second unit as well.

  3. Guys, Russia has spoken. Nikita is/was a Red Army Star and has been told he is still under consideration for the Russian Olympic Team but instead of returning to Russia now he is to show Mr. Murray, the Russian people, the hockey world his skill and worth weather he’s playing in the NHL or the American Hockey League.

    Thus the turn around…we got us a possible big time player!

    • Maybe we should have a pool with an over/under system? Something along the lines of 10 games or 10 points kinda thing.

      I’m hopeful, but I’d take the under on both. As a Sens fan, I’d be glad if it was over on the points.

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