DaCosta DaMoted

Well, it appears the DaCosta second line centre experiment has come to an end, and deservedly so.

To expect an experienced kid to step into a 2LC, on a rebuilding team, is just a recipe for disaster, for both the team, and the player.  DaCosta no doubt did his best, but surprise surprise, he was outclassed by the legitimate 2LC’s he faced off against.  This is no indictment on DaCosta’s future, just an indictment on the Sens lack of depth at centre.

So, here we are once again, talking 2LC’s.  Winchester, who will assue the role, is not the answer.  He will bring a more rounded game, and provide some defensive polish, if not any offensive flair, where DaCosta provided neither, but he will do nothing to truly improve the Senators long term.  Winnie is a solid 4th liner, with third line capability, but a top six centre?..nope.

I’ve been vocal about my belief that this team needs to add to it’s centre depth, and counting on one of Regin or ZBad is not good enough, rebuilding or not.  Unfortunately, reliable top 6 centres are not easy to trade for, virtually impossible to sign as FA’s, and take considerable time to develop.

I’ve been over the list of those centremen potentially available, but a new name has hit the rumour mill, Ryan Getzlaf, of the Anaheim Ducks.  Getzlaf, to me, is the prototypical 2LC.  He brings size, decent speed, can be reliable defensively and has the ability to set-up his wingers, but, he isn’t a true number one.  If Fisher was a 2-3LC, Getzlaf is a 2-1LC, and his salary reflects this

But, is he really available, and what would be the cost?

Dunno, frankly, as I haven’t personally heard a thing about this apart from what I’ve read on the WorldWideRumourWeb.  One would have to think the price would be high, if he is in fact available.

Think Rundblad+, as ANA has long been looking for a replacement for Nieds, not that Rundblad is a lock to be that, by any stretch.

But, with statements from the local media like this “Save your money, folks. Right now, these guys aren’t worth watching… Take responsibility. For being beaten. For being bad. For being an embarrassment.”.  Wow,  something’s gotta give.

Add to this the fact they are now mired in an epic losing streak, are all but out of the post season already, and have a coach who just signed a 3 year deal…the options may be few.

Oh yeah, and in other news, Rundblad will be back into the line-up tomorrow night.

Imagine that!



5 Responses to “DaCosta DaMoted”

  1. Ryan Getzlaf is a second line center on Canada’s olympic team, not on the senators, or almost any other nhl team. Think more in the realm of 2x Runblad+. But it doesnt matter because the moment Anaheim chooses to trade. This belongs in the trashy rumor category because it doesnt make sense on multiple levels.

    • You may be right, you may be wrong, but in my opinion he has yet to show himself as an “elite” centre (1+ppg), but he is extremely good.
      As for what he would garner, in the NHL, in season, it is very difficult to move salary for salary, at the +3M level.
      The Sens could assume that salary. Not that I’m saying this is a deal that is going to happen, at all.

  2. **the moment Anaheim chooses to trade Getzlaf they will signal to their hockey market that they arent going to relevant for the next 2 or 3 years, which is probably something they cannot afford to do.

  3. He was team canada’s second line center, he has always been a force in the playoffs and world cup, and if you check his stats he has been over a point per game in most of his seasons in the nhl. He can play hard minutes in the playoffs against any other center in the league.

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