Turris Trade Tid-Bits (RUMOUR)

Communicated with a few people on the west coast, one directly associated with Columbus, and picked up these tid-bits;

From a western based scout – “It’s a bad position for all involved when a player demands a trade but is forced back into the dressing room.  The hope would have to be that Turris plays good hockey in hopes of garnering more interst (sic) from other clubs.  No doubt this is what Maloney is hopping for, but when your team is already doing well, if things turn bad after Turris returns, even if it isn’t his fault, he’s going to wear it, and so will Maloney for putting him on the roster.”

From a source within the Blue Jackets sphere – “Maloney isn’t asking for the world for Turris, but he isn’t willing/able to give him away either.  A solid young NHL’er would trigger the deal, but so far nobody is interested in trading a legitimate game ready player in order to pick up a player who hasn’t played a single game in this season.  Until Turris shows himself to be “game ready”, no team is likely to move a quality NHL  asset.  There are teams willing to move prospects or picks, but Maloney is holding steady at his demand for a young, solid, NHL ready player.”

Personally, I just can’t see the status quo lasting.  Turris, even when he was game ready, wasn’t a difference maker, so to expect him to be such now, is asinine.  To me it is more likely Turris hurts his trade value by playing, not improve it…but Maloney has been off the board on this one to date, so who knows what he’s thinking (if he is even doing the thinking).




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