Filatov Forces The Issue.

Another game, another loaded score sheet.  In the three games since the meeting with Murray, in which Filatov expressed his strong desire for NHL play, and Murray said ‘show me why you deserve it’, Filatov has put up 13 shots, 3 goals, 3 assists, and a +3 rating.

Well, I guess he showed him something, but is it what the GM wanted to see?

I believe Filatovs stint in the A has had as much to do with his play, as the play of others, including those in the AHL.  The Bingoes have had a tough go of it lately, and have needed something of quality on the roster to give them any chance at winning…would that be Filatov, or DaCosta?  Filatov, hands down, especially when you consider the Sens need for a centre in Regins absence.

I would also say that the play of Condra and Daugavins have made them near impossible to pull out of the roster, even if Filatov could assume a third/fourth line role, which he can’t.

Last, but not least, are the key injuries to Regin, Butler and Locke, making roster issues for both clubs.

Murray said Filatov can revisit his concerns if he doesn’t find himself in the NHL come the end of November, well, the clock is ticking, and Filatov is clicking…all while the roster issues continue to fester.

Filatov must be praying for an injury in the forward ranks of Ottawa, because until then, his ascension to the big leagues looks near impossible, deserved or not.



2 Responses to “Filatov Forces The Issue.”

  1. Was down in Syracuse on black Friday watching the Crunch eat Baby Sens for supper. Against big boys Filatov disappears. No second effort at all. IMO he is the typical legend in my own mind type – seems to really affect people from an area just north of Ukraine. Skill or tenacity – which is worth more, I know which I would pick.

  2. Darver,
    Well, that’s sad to hear.

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