The Tao Of Stash

Wow, last night was the night of the lopsided score.  I can’t recall so many one-sided games, in one night…must have been something in the air.

With the Sens facing the powerhouse ‘Nucks, let’s hope the winds have shifted, or the Sens have paid heed to the trend and go into this evenings game a little cautious.  After already having suffered the embarrassment of two touchdown games themselves, no doubt last nights outcomes will stir some uncomfortable memories.

If the Sens hope to stay in this game, they have to just keep it going, doing exactly what they have been doing for much of this season; Sticking to the game plan.  Don’t push too hard, don’t retreat to far, play a steady game of puck possession and preparedness to take advantage of your opponents mistakes.

What is most intriguing about this team to date is not just the record, but trying to “brand” this teams system.  There is one, but it isn’t so easy to name.  It isn’t a rushing game, nor a trap game…if you had to name it, it’s a smart game, with no reliance on any one system.  It’s a game of limiting mistakes, while exploiting those of your opponent.

Lao Tzu would say the Sens play “The Middle Way”.



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