Filly Don’t Deserve It.

I know I said I would not post any further on Filatov, but, because of some horrendous media action, namely the eager reposting of a dubious, at best, slam of Filatov, I have one more thing to say.

I don’t believe anyone should be slammed for a comment made to a coach, in private, which is then repeated to a reporter, and comes out well after the person has left the situation.  To do this, without even so much a verifying the truth of these comments, is just plain bush league journalism.

If this was a legitimate story, it needed to be reported when it happened.  If, for whatever reason (veracity?) it wasn’t, the reporting of it well after the its best before date is either petty, or downright character assassination that is not motivated by “reporting” but by spite.

I ask, why was Portzline “allowed” to repeat the story now, and not then?  I would think that, if the story were true, the person telling it to Portzline would have stood by it then or now (although, we still do not know who this person was, or if he was the one Filatov supposedly said this to, or just one more person in the hearsay train pulling this gossip to the masses).

Or, maybe it wasn’t entirely true, if true at all.  Did Portzline ask Filatov about this before accusing him of saying what he was accused of saying?  I doubt it, but wouldn’t that be a reasonable expectation of a “journalist”?

In these days where haughty “professional journalists” make every effort to separate themselves from the lowly blogger, how does such obvious tabloid journalism do anything to prove themselves to be any different from the supposedly irresponsible blogger?

Portzline should be ashamed of his lack of professionalism on this, and owes Filatov an apology.  The same goes for Bruce Garrioch of the Sun, who also retweated this story in the Sun as some sort of article, and Allan Panzeri of the Citizen, who did the same.

Not only was this not good of Portzline, but to be jumped on by others is just shameful and does nothing to support these institutions as anything but a well funded “blog”.

If the “journalists” want to go after Filatov, have at it, I would love to know if he deserves our scorn…but do it with facts, not petty hearsay, from a source with an axe to grind.

Welcome to the “bloggoshpere” guys, you’re now honorary members of the great irresponsible masses.


PS Filly had 2 goals and an assist in his first game since this whole fiasco erupted, including the winner in a 4-2 victory over the Hamilton Buildogs.

I’m not a Filly fan, but I’m also not a fan of anonymous character assasination.

All I am saying, is give Filly a chance, lol.


3 Responses to “Filly Don’t Deserve It.”

  1. Nice read.

    I actually thought Filatov played average at the beginning of the year but I don’t doubt Maclean’s/Murray’s reasonings in sending him to Bingo.

    I think he’ll get another chance but unfortunately for him, it may be hist last.

    After reading some of Filatov’s comments, he really needs to focus less on scoring (I know, it is what he does) and more on positional and defensive play (back-checking). I think in doing so, he would stick around and eventually get some powerplay time.

    Everybody’s talking about Filatov, as Sensay stated, just give him a chance.

  2. Quizzical Quorum Says:

    Athletes are fair game.
    Ottawa media are kitty-kats for the most part…they never call out management and zone in on coaches and select players.
    This comment is peanuts to be honest, no big deal.

    • Seriously? Never pick on players or coaches?
      Well, you’re entitled to your opinion, but I beg to whole heartedly disagree.

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