Derick Flights Home?

Derick Brassard is getting splinters in his A$$, and Columbus owner, John McConnell, must be feeling like a chump with every check for 39k USD he strokes with this kids name on it.  This can’t go on, it just can’t.

With his listing as a healthy scratch, for the third straight game, one has to wonder where he’s going to land, and when, not if.

But the thing is, at 3.2M, through 2013/14, who can take him at this point in the season, even if they wanted him?  There’s no way a guy getting scratched, on a team with a 3-13-1 record, sporting among the worst goals for and the worst goals against, is worth a big return.

Right now Columbus is like a flaming Titanic, hitting an iceberg full of dynamite, while carrying a nuclear bomb…it’s ready to blow!  And no GM is going to rush in with lifeboats, just to look like a nice guy.  No, every GM will be looking to scoop whatever of value might be left floating after the big explosion.

And Murray is one of those GM’s, no doubt about it.

In fact, Murray is one of the few GM’s with both the cap space, and the ability to spend it, that exist in the NHL.  sure, some teams may want Brassard, but they can’t fit him under their cap.  Others may want him, and have the cap space, but not the actual money to do the deal.

Murray has the cap space, the  money and the need, at least for a top 6 forward, Brassard or not.

Brassard sitting, while the Jackets continue to get beaten, is the gas.

Murray with cash, as the team is looking for young talent, is the match.

Now we just have to wait and see if (when?) they get together.

If I were a betting man, I’d say any deal would look something like Lee & Kuba for Brassard & Method.

Sens get their top 6 player (?) player, but assume a  two BIG contracts, while Columbus gets 2 warm bodies, with expiring contracts, while shedding salary both now, and into the future.  A fair return…(probably) no, in terms of player talent, but when you’re on fire, do you negotiate with the one guy offering to sell you a bucket of water?

Right now it’s about priorities in Columbus, that being saving some money, not this (sadly) already lost season.



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