Andy Snuffs the Flames, While Butler Lights the Lamp

How was that for a game?

Now, I’m a hockey fan, but, I’m also a Sens fan, and even when a game may not be the most entertaining, from a pure hockey standpoint, if the Sens win, or are still in it, the game is entertaining to me.

That being said, the game versus Calgary was fun for anyone watching, fan of either team or not.  It had speed, drive and plenty of scoring opportunities on both sides.  Best of all, it was there for the taking, almost down to the wire, which makes any game more entertaining.

For me, the real story of the game was the teams play over-all.  Yes, without a doubt, Andy kept them in it, and had an amazing performance on the night, but that isn’t to diminish the performance of Kipper at the other end.  Good goaltending can sometimes lead to one or both teams falling off of the script, either due to frustration, or to staking a big lead thanks to their own good goaltending.  But when both sides are sporting outstanding stoppers, it becomes a game of determination, the win most often going to the team able to continue developing chances, until they finally overwhelm the opposing goalie.

In that game the edge went to Ottawa, who never stopped pressing, even after taking the lead, then quickly surrendering it.  That might have broken a less determined team, and that is the biggest bright spot of this game, well beyond the two points.  This team believes in itself, and its system.  This is huge.

After years of coaching turmoil, here’s hoping MacStash is finally the man for the job, and has this team working together, having fun, and believing in themselves.

“there’s a lot of good energy in that room right now…”  Foligno.  This after such an up and down season. Awesome.

Also, to Bobby Butler…phew, man that must have felt good.

After years of suffering through crusty mornings, after late nights due to watching poor performances on Western road swings, I finally feel the loss of sleep was worth it.



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