No Change For Oil Country

Tonights game has the making of a real dandy.  Two young teams, loaded with speed, eager to win, and boasting competent, if not stellar, goaltending.

I have no doubt, win or lose, this is going to be a good one.

In order to come out with two points the Sens need to do exactly what they did versus CGY.  Although the two clubs play different games, they will each try to dictate the play by forcing turn-overs.  The Flames do it by playing a grinding fore-check, while the Oilers will try to do it with speed, swarming the offensive zone and eliminating time and space for the Senators.

The Sens need to stick to their hybrid game.  Keep hitting and pursuing the fore-check, while still frustrating Edmonton’s break outs if the offensive opportunity isn’t there.

Patients will be the rule of the night.  The team will also need to remain patient on the scoring front as ‘Bulin, if he is on his game, can force you to put a lot of rubber on the net before getting on the scoreboard.

But, if either teams goaltending takes a night off, it could get out of hand early…



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