The RUMOUR Wrap-Up

Not sure if anyone likes this stuff…but I sure do, if you don’t, just skip this post, as it is all rumours, some from legit sources, some from the equivalent of “my ass”.

Brassard – I mentioned his name last week, not because he was rumoured to be available, but because his availability simply made sense.  Well, Garrioch has apparently noticed the same, but insinuates the Sens have “mild” interest in Brassard.  I should hope so, as I believe the 2LC is this teams biggest weakness, not just now, but also from a long-term view.

Is Brassard available?  Well, I put out some feelers, and the short answer was, “sure, but so is any other player, for the right price”.  None of my contacts have heard a direct trade link to Brassard, FWIW.

I maintain, by sheer force of common sense, he must be considered low hanging fruit to any (cap space rich) team hoping to pick up a young centre with offensive ability…and I would say that includes the Senators.

Turris – I have been told, again, point blank, he is available, even unsigned, if the right deal comes along.  My sources are adamant that Maloney’s statements are pure posturing, and Turris will be dealt prior to Dec. 1st, signed or not.  This is about the return, not his returning.

How does this impact the Senators?  Well, I highly doubt they are willing to pony up much of anything (apart from Gonchar, lol) for an unsigned Turris.  A signed Turris may be worth more (depending upon the deal), but the kid remains a long ways from a proven commodity, and if Filatov (0.28 ppg) fetched a 3rd, is an un-signed, “trade me” Turris (0.35 ppg) really worth much more…really?

Iginla – There is some very strong chatter out there that Jarome is readying to leave the Flames if “things” don’t change.  Well, if “things” include a truly competitive roster…expect a trade.

Would Ottawa be interested?  Wow, that’s a toughy.  The only way I could see the Sens inquiring about Iggy is if they don’t believe the team has the necessary leadership to move forward without Alfie, should he retire after this season.  Now, Iggy has a NTC, and I doubt, apart from an offer CGY just couldn’t refuse, would he even consider coming to Ottawa, a rebuilding club.

Rick Nash – Much the same as the rumours around Iggy, that Nash may be willing/wanting to get out of the situation he finds himself in, year after year, after year…

Same as to the Sens interest in Nash as in Iggy.

Vermette – From a source on the Sens side “Not going to happen, no way, no chance.”

Stastny – There are multiple sites suggesting that Colorado is willing to part with rugged centre Paul Stastny.  No sources of mine have a line on this one, so it may just be Avs fans spit bawling, or it may be about to go down, lol.  IF he is available, I would hope the Sens would at least kick the tires on this one, although his cap hit of 6.6M, through 2013/14, is top line money for what would be a second line player…until Spezza goes down to injury (I shutter to think).

There you have it, now complain to your significant other, and leave me out of it!



One Response to “The RUMOUR Wrap-Up”

  1. Nash would floor me. I think he’s one of the most underated stars out there. But, I also believe he would throw a huge wrench into the salary structure that the Sens have created with their re-build. This team isn’t supposed to make the playoffs. I believe they will add prospects – if warranted, but no stars. They have a plan – and it all revolves around a re-build and not adding players in hope of going far in the playoffs. That’s my two cents worth. What a game last night against Calgary!

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