Mac Attack

Well, we all knew they would lose…eventually.  too bad it had to happen so soon, but, nothing wrong with ringing off 6 in a row!

The fact is Boston deserved that win, and had it not been for some puck-luck, the score would have been more emphatic than 5-3.

But that’s not to say the Sens didn’t have a good game, just that, as expected, they were out-classed by the Cup defenders.  I for one thought the Sens did a good job of staying in the game, and until the two quick ones, were in the game well into the third period.

But, above all else, what struck me was the pulling of Andy with over 2 minutes remaining.  With this one simple (and unorthodox) move, Coach MacLean reinforced his mantra to play hard to the end.  It’s all well and good to preach something, but when, given the opportunity, the preacher steps up to the plate and practices what he preached, it doesn’t go unnoticed.  Sure, it was an absolute hail Mary move, that had little or no chance of working, but it made clear he, too, was committed to playing hard for the win, no matter the odds against.

For me this season is about three things, learning how to play the system, believing in each-other, and having fun (professionally).  Wins, losses, ties, they will look after themselves, good or bad, but if the team can solidify those three areas, the future will be bright, very bright!



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