Lee & Dawg In The Line-up, Alfie In The Gym.

Well, the Sens are getting ready for their Friday night date with the Habs, and us fans are getting ready for a long delay in the return of Alfie…but wait, news has it the Captain has been spotted on the bike, working out for the first time since his being scumbagged by Wolski, good news indeed.

Generally speaking, if a person has suffered a concussion, but does not suffer from head-aches and vertigo, at rest, they are likely to recover within a fairly short period of time.  The fact Alfie believes this to be his first ever concussion should only shorten the length of the road to recovery.   Riding the bike (if it went well) is a VERY positive sign.

Once again the Sens will have to do what any young team must do to win, namely skate hard, frustrate the oppositions when in transition, and stay in the game as long as possible, in hopes of stealing 2 pts. against a superior squad.  There’s no shame in admitting the Habs are the better team, at least right now, and the fact that the Sens have gained some legitimacy by reeling off 6 straight wins, is unlikely to garner them any slack from the still yet to soar Canadiens.

Personally, win or lose, I’d like to see the Sens focus on playing a hard forecheck on the Habs.  Get into the offensive zone with speed and force the Habs small wingers to exert their energy by battling the bigger Sens for the puck.  Slow down the speedy Hab waterbugs by making them gas themselves playing defense.

If the Sens try to play pretty against the Canadiens, they will get burned, for sure.  Montreal will want to play river hockey, so Ottawa should play AHL hockey, hit hard, often and dog the puck.

If the Sens can make the Habs compete physically, they may well win the game, or, at the very least, leave the Habs feeling like they had to earn their points, not just go for a skate on a Friday night.



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