Kyle Be Home For Christmas?

Update on the Turris situation, from a western based source, has it that discussions with Maloney continue.

Although Turris must sign by Dec. 1st, to remain eligible to play in this season, no trade has yet been worked out.

The ‘Yotes GM has been adamant that Turris will not be traded without being signed…and this appears to be the issue at hand.

Apparently Maloney is amenable to trading Turris, but has thus far been far from impressed with the offers on his table.  Those teams proffering the offers are reluctant to provide anything up front for an un-signed player, of un-proven NHL value.

It’s like this; Let’s say a team agrees on a fair value for Turris (a decent prospect, or late 1st or early second rnd pick, at best),.  They do the deal, acquiring Turris, who then still demands 3-4M a season, with term.  Now the team with his rights have no prospect or pick, and, effectively, no Turris…and if he won’t sign with you, there’s no way you can move him for the same package you gave up to get him.

Therefore, all offers to date have been tempered with the “risk factor” of not acquiring a signed player.

So, of course, Maloney wants to sign Turris, then presumably, trade him.

But that’s the rub.  The Turris camp is worried that Maloney, once he has a signed Turris, will just retain him, or expect the moon in return, knowing, with a signed contract, he has the hammer.

So, what to do?

Sources indicate that deals are being discussed that allow a team to acquire the rights to Turris for one price, then, if signed, pay an additional asset.

This could be over very quickly, or go to the wire.   The longer it takes, the more teams will enter the discussion, or so hope both the Turris and Coyote camps.



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