Turris Trap or Attraction?

We’ve all heard the rumours about Turris wanting out of the desert,  I said as much weeks ago, based upon a conversation with an NHL contact, who mentioned Mike Hoffman as a possible player going the other way.

Well, the rumours continue, and it appears true that, from Kyles stand-point, a trade was always the plan. The  Coyotes GM insists no trade will happen before Turris becomes in-eligible to play in the 11/12 season, but the reality is, that simply doesn’t make sense.  At the end of the day the GM must do what is best for the club, long-term and in his own best interest, in the short-term, too.  Making Turris pay, for exercising his rights as an RFA, is not in anyones best interest.  Think about it; If they make him sit, does his value increase?  No.  If they make him sit, does this help the organization?  No.  If they make him sit, at best, it sends the message that, even if you don’t want to be here, we’ll make you be here…how is this good for anyone?  How is this a “win”?

No, either Maloney has lost the plot, and has made this personal, putting his pride ahead of his team, or this is all about bargaining positions.

The latest rumour I’ve heard, from the same source, has Turris eagerly awaiting his trade…with no talk of missing the season.

Will it be Ottawa?

The Sens have the trifecta of the perfect trade candidate; need, money and assets.

The real question is, what is Turris even worth?  He’s yet to prove himself as an elite prospect, let alone NHL’er, and IF this situation indicates a degree of selfishness, would you trade a top prospect or pick for him?

I bet this is the issue at hand.  The question is not if he will be traded, but what he will garner in return.

My bet?

Well, Filatov earned a 3rd…but no doubt the ‘Yotes hope for much better than that.



2 Responses to “Turris Trap or Attraction?”

  1. Just say NO to Turris.

    • Depends on the cost, IMO. If it is a legitimate prospect, then I probably agree, but if it is a pick in the second round…I say pull the trigger IF he can be signed for a reasonable deal.
      I have been told that his being un-signed is the biggest obstacle to his being traded. The teams interested in him will not offer anything of value without knowing what he is willing to sign for.
      A signed Turris, to a reasonable deal, will net the Coyotes far more than an un-signed Turris.
      The Turris camp wants his rights traded, and to negotiate with the new club. Turris fears that,if he signs first, the ‘Yotes won’t trade him, and he’ll be forced to play, risking his development and future earning potential.

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