Don’t Poke the Bear!

Tonight the plucky Sens will face the Bruins, a team still not fully awoken from their all too brief hibernation.  One bit of advice to the Sens, don’t poke the bear.  Let them continue to stumble in their sleepy haze, don’t provide any smelling salts, or be prepared for a mauling.

The way to win tonight is to just hang around in this game.  Make the Bruins skate, a lot.  Make them turn, twist, try long passes, and basically earn the win, based upon hard effort, not revenge or anger.  In fact, the last game versus the Leafs provided the perfect template.  No fighting, no agitating, just straight forward skating and neutral zone frustration.

If the Sens try to hit the ice with a swagger, rub their recent success in the faces of the struggling B’s, they risk making this a battle of pride, not effort.  The Bruins are due, and no doubt the frustration is rising, especially after two losses to the Habs, so Sens, do your best to frustrate them with effort, not emotion.

Let sleeping bears lie, take your 2 points, and skate away…



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