The Wolski Incedent

For those wondering about my opinion on the Wolski hit on Alfie, and lack of suplemental discipline, well, here it is.

Total BS.

At the end of the day, it must always be remembered that the NHL is a business, and so long as Betman and his US based power group runs the show, you will see a lack of cohesive discipline in the NHL.

Shanahan no doubt started into the job with good intentions, but then, when the suspensions started to hurt the US based teams…the gag was put on.  If Shanny decides to remain in place, good for him, the check won’t bounce, so long as he continues to tow the line.

I, for one, would rather keep my self respect.


p.s. Alfiespeed to you #11, hope to see you back on the ice sooner rather than later.


One Response to “The Wolski Incedent”

  1. “I, for one, would rather keep my self respect.”

    You would think he doesn’t need the money, so it should be even easier for Shanny to maintain self respect than for some of us.

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