Ride The Wave

What a great past 6 games.  Few (with an ounce of reality) saw a six game winning streak in the future for this young club.  All predictions had this team struggling to score, and, with the exception of Anderson, unlikely able to keep the puck out of the net.  In short, annus horribilus.

It certainly started that way.  One and five, with two home losses…losses, now there’s an understatement…seemed to reinforce these dire predictions of woe.  The (good) fans had prepared themselves for this, and although frustrated, knew the season would have rough spots, and horribly rough spots, but even we were startled at the totality of those two losses.  Then, only to make the nervous horses bolt, we heard the dreaded words “closed door meeting”

Really?  We thought.  Six games in, and already two closed door meetings?

Uurp, this is going to get ugly.

But sometimes ignorance is bliss.  Apparently this team doesn’t know how bad they are.  They actually believed those two losses were unacceptable, not inevitable.

I’m still not sure what to think, in terms of the near future.

I know what I think of the last 6 games, the last two in particular.  This team is pretty damn good.  Maybe even very good.  Maybe even good enough to make the post season.  And hey, once you make the post season, anything can happen, right?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold the presses.

You see, this is what happens, a little (lot?) of success leads to delusions of grandeur.

But the fact remains, this team has been playing some damn good hockey.  They haven’t looked polished, but they have looked hungry, and determined.  They haven’t looked scared, nervous or intimidated.  They haven’t looked bad, and maybe that, above all else, is the most impressive.

I don’t know what the remainder of this season holds, but I doubt it will be without some slides.  But, if this team can continue to remain positive, and not intimidated by the opposition, or the thought of losing, and who knows…anything can happen, right?



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