Like The Sens, Just When You Thought I Was Gone, I Come Back!

Well, it was a great vacation, poorly timed.

On second thought, based upon the results through the first 5 games, maybe not so poorly timed.

It should have come as no surprise that a newly formed team, stacked with young, in-experienced players, led by a new coach, struggled out of the gate.  The Sens, even in a best case scenario, we’re not expected to light up the league, making the early stumbles less than shocking, but still very disappointing, especially the home losses (beatings).

Then, after some spirited meetings, and consistent messaging from the coaching staff, the team found its legs, and more importantly, confidence.  HUGE comeback/last minute wins are clear indicators this team can win, if they give it their all, but if they let their effort slip, even a bit…it’s embarasment time.  This team has no margin of error, and to expect wins on a consistent basis, in this environment, remains too much to expect.

But, learning to play hard, even with an edge of desperation, will bear fruit when this teams skill begins to match its effort, and that undeniable reality, through wins and losses, must be embraced by all.

Yesterday was the first game of the regular season I’ve been able to watch.  I, for one, was much impressed, especially considering their ability to respond to adversity.  That call on Konopka was complete garbage, and without the benefit of such egregious officiating, the Rangers would never have been in that game, let alone leading for most of it.  Most teams would have lost their composure after falling behind by three goals, late in the game, and exacted some physical revenge for their absurd circumstances. Instead, even after being again jobbed by the officials (if Konopka earned 5 minutes…WTF happened to the same for Wolski?), the Sens kept at it, maybe spurred on by their past late stage heroics, and amazingly pulled a singed victory from the flames of defeat.

Where all of this goes from here remains to be seen, but if the Sens can continue to provide this sort of effort, and determination, the near future looks entertaining, if nothing else, and the distant future extremely bright.

Hope all is well Alfie…



One Response to “Like The Sens, Just When You Thought I Was Gone, I Come Back!”

  1. So nice to see some optimism in Sensland:)

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