A Good Start.

A win is always nice to get.  But wins are even better.

Last nights defeat to the Leafs made good steps toward the latter, at the cost of the former.  Considering the Sens prospects faced an overwhelmingly NHL based squad in the Leafs, the fact they held their own for much of the game was a victory in itself.

Cowen was a force on every shift, and made a huge impact in his first outing of the season.  Being willing to make Phaneuf face responsibility for his elbow was a good sign that he understands his position on this team.  The fact Captain Phaneuf did his usual stand-up turtle move is just so typical.  What a perfect Leafs captain, lol!

The only worry was in the forward ranks.  Unlike with Cowen, nobody stepped up.  Filatov looked half decent, and was the best among the forwards, but no skater left a big impression.

It was game one, no need to focus on the trees at this juncture, instead focus on Cowen, he deserves the attention.



2 Responses to “A Good Start.”

  1. Bruce/Don are already being fed…Nikita, who I thought was the only forward to showw any offence, is already getting the no back ckeck label…let the man play his game, he’s a Russian forward they play differently @ home, he will adapt. Conversely, Petr, who looks stiff, stressed, tight, is being given a pass?

  2. I agree Nik.
    Petr also appeared to be trying to do too much at times…a sign of feeling the pressure?
    Ultimately, it was one X game…no need to make too much of it, either way.
    p.s. the OSUN is a flaming bag of shyte.

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