Welcome To The Jungle, Boys.

Tonight will see an introduction to the “Battle Of Ontario” for many rookies on both sides of the red line, but are we making too much of this whole “Battle” thing?

Yes and no.

If it turns into a goon fest, then yes, far too much has been made of it.  If it turns into a hard-fought game of hockey, then no it will not have been over-hyped.

This, if done properly, can be a very important situational assessment tool.  Players on both sides know they are entering a game where winning matters, a rivalry exists, and this is as close as possible to a “must win” game, for a prospect tourny, that is.

Will a win or loss mean big things?


But having a good game tonight, on either side, will matter to those assessing these players ability to handle pressure, because that arena will be rocking.

Good luck boys, and for goodness sakes, be smart and think big picture, all of you!



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