Game On.

Well, if that dominating 4-0 performance didn’t stoke the fires of fandom…nothing will.

Yes, this remains commentary on a prospects tournament, but unlike in the recent past, this tournament is a harbinger of good things to come, not bad.

Instead of icing a team consisting of a few middling hopefuls, this was a roster of legitimate NHL’ers interspersed with what may prove to be franchise type players.

Robyn Lehner, for one, did more than impress, he absolutely rocked, and made what was already a strong defense seem down-right unbeatable. He allowed his skaters to focus almost exclusively on physical control of the opposition and not worry about off angle shots from the outside. Add to this stopping the few legit scoring changes that the Pens did generate, and you have yourself of a candidate for some serious hype going into camp.

Both Rundblad and Cowen were what was hoped of them, fast and offensively gifted, strong and defensively competent, respectively.  The remainder of the defense was good as well, nobody looked out of place.

Offensively Cowick and Grant were stand-outs, a threat on everyshift…it’s almost as if Grant thought there might be a second line centre job available.  As with the defense, nobody in the forward ranks looked bad, and though some looked a long ways from the NHL, those that were supposed to look close, did.

Can’t wait to see what game two brings.



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