It Had To Happen

The odds, though long, are that eventually this specific tragedy had to strike.
A team plane goes down, killing most on board.
In the KHL today, there is shock and mourning.
In the wider hockey world today, there is shock and mourning.
Though we await the official announcements, we hockey fans will know the names, we will all, again, feel the shock of sudden and un-expected loss.
My heart goes out to the families of the victims.


4 Responses to “It Had To Happen”

  1. A number of sens related players killed…

  2. So very sad.

  3. A great tragedy. Russia is known to have lax safety measures on their aircraft.

    The aircraft they were on — is a type of plane that is banned from flying in European airspace… so that says something.

    My condolences and thoughts are with the family, friends and ex-teammates of the players and coaches on board.

    • A tragedy indeed, but an EU ban on the very rare YAK-42D, specifically the one operated by YAK airlines, is not necessarily based upon aircraft air-worthiness
      As has been told to me, the aircraft in question was EU certified for commercial use, their YAK-40’s remained banned by the EU.

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