Let The Rumours Begin.

I’ve tried to ignore them, but the numbers just keep growing, and the message remains consistent.

It should come as no surprise that, as a blogger, I receive “tips”.  Now, the vast majority, nay, the overwhelming majority are dreamed up in the minds of rabid fans, critical guessers and just plain nutters, but, when they come from more reliable sources, consistently, and similar in content, you can’t help but put some thought to them.

This one is not so much a rumour, at least not of the X for X variety, but more of a snap-shot at “The Plan”, you know, the one much touted, little disclosed.

It seems, based upon RUMOURS, that a certain much sought after commodity on the Senators roster has been drawing increased interest through-out the league, and this interest has not been dismissed, although not encouraged either.

It will come as no surprise to anyone, fan, agent or GM alike, that elite centres are a much sought after skill set, and that more than one team feels the acquisition of such would make the difference between contender and pretender status.

It will also come as no surprise that, as a re-building club, the presence of Jason Spezza on the roster is widely regarded as a glaring waste of talent, and as such, a more valuable commodity on the trade block, than on the ice.

Now, having made this (obvious) statement, I also want to be clear about one thing, this is NOT a player driven situation.  There has been absolutely no indication that Spezza has any interest in seeking a trade…full stop.

Rather, this is a matter of, in business terms, supply and demand.

The story is, at least as I’m hearing it, that the Senators are listening to offers, but not with any desire to make any near term moves.  The rumours have it that the Senators position on all of this is a “wait and see” scenario.

Wait and see if the Senators have a viable replacement for Spezza, which, to date, they absolutely do not.

Wait and see how the “re-build” is coming, and the timeline for the clubs ability to use Spezza’s skill set, vs. leveraging his value into increased prospect depth.

Let the rumours begin, and build to a crescendo come trade deadline day, but the validity of the trade rumours will be directly related to how well this teams prospects perform both as a group, and specifically at centre.



12 Responses to “Let The Rumours Begin.”

  1. Rob Russell Says:

    I think the team either needs to trade him right now, or go on record (again) and say, definitively, that they will not be entertaining any offers for him.

    This type of talk becomes a distraction throughout the season, especially if the team struggles out of the gate. And let’s face it, this team WILL struggle at times, this season.

    I’m firmly planted in the DO NOT TRADE SPEZZA camp. If we’re in for a long season (or two) then we need all the bright spots we can get to keep us going to the games. We Sens’ fans tend to be a fickle bunch, and many will not watch effort if it’s completely unrewarded.

    I am probably (nay, definitely) biased about the Sens, but I don’t see them wallowing in the bottom tier o the league for years to come, like the Islanders, Leafs, Panthers, etc. I see this team turning it around in a very short time. My money is on a return to the playoffs within two years… three at the absolute most. And let’s face it… even playoffs this year are a possibility, albeit a slim one.

    If you let something like this hang over Spezza’s head all year long, it will take it’s toll, and his on-ice performance will be hindered. We need his head in the game. We need him to feel like a leader out there, and not just an asset to be maximized for the good of the club.

    Rob R.

    • Love the passion Rob…and I get it.
      But, never say never, it only sets you up for making a difficult situation even worse.
      If Spezza shows skills that highlight him as a critical member of the team, from a leadership perspective, then his intangibles make him worth keeping even if his tangibles are being under-utilized.
      If, on the other-hand, he is what he has (for the most part) been to date, a very skilled player with a great attitude, but not (yet) a leader, then a trade, if it will improve the team, must be explored.
      I honestly wouldn’t put odds on this one, either way, as at this juncture it is far too foggy to predict.

    • anothersensfan Says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself Rob.

      Of course GMs are interested in Spezza, it would be news if they weren’t! They want to know if we’re willing to give him away and we want to know if they’ll sell the farm to get him. Seeing as how neither scenario is even a remote possibility could we please stop talking about trading Spezza.

  2. I get pretty fed up with hearing these Spezza trade rumours. They never seem to go away.
    Of course, he is sought after by many clubs… he is only one of a few true #1 centres in the league.
    When he was out with injury last season the Sens (prior to trade deadline mind you) won 1 game out of 17.
    So say they trade Spezza… this team then probably wins less than 20 games. How do you think the fan base would deal with that?
    Spezza is the future this team is building around. He is 28 yrs old and still in his prime. He will be the next captain of the Ottawa Senators.
    The Sens have NO ONE in the system to replace him. Who would be your #1 centre if he is gone? Regin, Zibby, Da Costa… frightening isn’t it.
    If Zibby works out in the next 3 yrs.. then maybe yes trade Spezza…. but to do it now would be an absolute nightmare for the young players on a re-building team.

  3. This will not go away, and, for the record, I consider the source(s) of these rumours as being reliable.
    This is not to say there is a trade in the works (I do not believe there is) but I also believe it is absolutely possible one may develop.

    • anothersensfan Says:

      The only reason it wont go away is that some people wont stop talking about it.

      I repeat, GMs talk all the time. Its they’re job! It’s not news that they talk about the best players most of all.

  4. The only reason I can see for trading him is to give him a chance to win a cup in his prime. If the Sens truly believe it’s possible to win a cup here within 2-3 years then keep him. Otherwise trade him for gold.

    He played well with Butler. He might also play well with Filatov. Which could be a lethal line. Then you’d be a fool to trade him.

    And of course only do it if they give us gold in return. (for ex let him play with a Rick Nash type in exchange for a guy like Lidstrom)

    • Rob Russell Says:

      Spezza for a “guy like Lidstrom”… are you serious? Trade one of the top 15 #1 centres in the league for a 40 year old offensive d-man on the verge of retirement?

      Murray would be an absolute idiot to make a trade like that. The LAST thing we need are more d-men. And if you’re going to say that Lidstrom is not jut ANY d-man, then I counter with two words.. ERIK KARLSSON. Special K will be one of the top d-men in the league in a couple years…as well as whatever Runblad turns into. Plus, we also have Gonchar.

      The only trade scenario that makes sense for Spezza would be for elite top line talent. But then we’d be in a position like Toronto, where we have great wingers, but nobody to pass them the puck.

      Keep Spezza.

      • misterutterbag Says:

        I wasn’t talking literally.

        When I talked about Lidstrom i meant “in his prime”..hence the guy “like” Lidstrom. Remains to be seen if Karlsson can get to that level. If he can, then yes of course DO NOT trade Spezza.

        I guess the hard part of the equation is: Will Karlsson be elite soon enough to match Spezza in his prime? Lets keep our fingers crossed.

        The other part of the equation that scares me is Spezza’s back problems. Again…fingers crossed.

  5. He has finally developed into the player we all imagined he could be – and then we trade him? There aren’t enough prospects in anyone’s system that are worth his value. Sens management would have to be completely stupid to consider trading him away for assets that are worth less. As soon as he’s gone we would be looking to trade for an elite center? Even absorbing a Vincent salary with a prospect is going to give us nightmares down the line and what a wonderful message it would send to the young guns on our team. Murray has NEVER made that dumb of a trade.

  6. Unless it’s first round picks until the ice caps melt fuggetaboutit.

  7. Spezza isn’t getting traded. Whatever the merits of the thing, whatever the rumours, it just isn’t going to happen.

    First, what could anyone offer that would make the trade palatable? Ottawa has nothing in the system to replace a #1 center, and who’s going to trade a young #1 back? Nobody.

    Second, it would almost certainly impact the business and it’s going to be hard enough to sell tickets come mid-season. Swallowing losses so Jason can be traded? Doesn’t seem credible to me.

    Third and most important, this trade would require Eugene to make the final decision. Having said they will build around Jason and his loyalty to players, how likely is that?

    Unless your source is close to Melnyk it’s just random speculation.

    Still love this site though 🙂

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