Are You Ready To Stumble?

I’m not sure what to think of the up-coming season. Am I excited or apprehensive?

Now is usually the time that I begin thinking about line combinations and individual stats…but not this year. This year it is all about the prospects, and who among them will make the team. Individual performance is not the issue, who makes the cut is, from there, it is a big mystery.

I guess that’s exciting…I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about the return of hockey, and watching the Senators, and my passion has not waned one bit, but how I approach this season is different.

Some are predicting little or nothing of the Sens, in terms of the standings. They may be right. The fact remains that only two of last seasons three issues (goaltending, coaching, scoring) have been addressed. We have our new goaltender, who has proven able to work miracles when competing on a less than stellar club. We have our new coach but, un-like Anderson, he’s yet to prove himself in the top job role. Outstanding remains offence. Apart from Filatov, a far from reliable scorer, the Sens have done bupkis to improve in this category.

Some would argue the Sens best plan of action would be to lose, and draft high. I get that, but here’s the rub, losing is never good for a team. Losing, like winning, becomes a habit, and teaching young players to lose is hardly the recipe for success.

I, for one, still hold out hope that the Senators will land some extra offense before the start of the regular season, and behind the scenes rumbling indicates there are efforts being made in this direction.

Sources indicate that teams looking to off-load salary have approached Ottawa, and Ottawa is listening.

Names rumoured to be on that list…Lecavalier…of course and Briere,  I’m not saying this is true, or likely, just saying this is what has been rumoured.



5 Responses to “Are You Ready To Stumble?”

  1. I thought it was a re-build. Why get rid of veteran players to get picks and make room for your young guys to play – to bring in more veterans by trade?

    What they need to do is make room on the blueline for Cowen & Rundblad. Yes the D will be very young with them there… but that’s what a re-build is all about.

    Lecavalier? He’s signed until 2020 at a 7.7M cap hit. That will be real trouble down the road. Briere is signed until 2015 at 6.5M cap hit.. that’s better than Lecavalier.
    But both have NMC… and I doubt they want to leave playoff contenders to come to a re-building team.
    Makes no sense to me.

    Are the Sens trying to ship out Gonchar? It would take him ++ to get either one of those players.

    Can’t see it happening.

    As for this next season… Sens need to replace Fisher, Kelly, Kovalev, Ruutu, Campoli & Elliott.

    Well Campoli & Elliott have been replaced no problem.

    Same as Kovalev & Ruutu. I think any of the young guys coming in can replace these two (Butler, Greening, Condra, Filatov).

    So the holes to fill are Fisher & Kelly. Do the young guys have the skill to do that.

    Sens have a big hole at 2nd line centre. If they can competently get that filled with either Regin, Zibby or Da Costa.. they may do better than a lot of people thinks.

    Sorry for the long post… My 2 cents for what it’s worth.

  2. anothersensfan Says:

    Unless they are bitten by the injury bug again I would expect Alfie, Spezza and Michalek to contribute 20-40 more goals than last year. Solid goaltending will also allow the team to focus more on offense. I guess I’m saying I don’t expect scoring to be as big a problem as it was last year.

    Based on his success competing against top six opposition Colin Greening should also be considered in the mix for the second line center position. I’m not suggesting he is a long term solution but he may be a workable one while younger prospects with higher ceilings continue to develop.

  3. I would argue the ‘losing’ aspects of this post. All teams lose before they win. The people the losing will have the biggest impact on is the veterans — the rookies will have the mindset that as they get better the team will get better. You hear it all the time — you have to crawl before you can walk.

  4. I believe the youngsters will have a greater impact on the success of this team than most sports writers think. It is not necessarily their skill set as their attitude. A desire to win cannot be underrated, it has been years since we’ve seen the smiles on the faces of the players like we saw in the last 25 games last year. Tell me Alfie isn’t going to get a little spring in his step (if he’s healthy) just like we saw Spezza pick up his game. I am so looking forward to this season. And I for one think we can be in the playoffs this year.

  5. Nothing wrong with losing, especially when it’s beneficial to your team.
    The NHL rewards teams amply for finishing last so why not exploit that fully? The playters won’t even remember any of this once they are contending for the Cup and getting home-ice advantage. Look at Washington, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Anaheim…all we mediocre or worse. Even Boston had its struggles but they got past it and won.

    Let’s not be Carolina/Toronto/St. Louis, always in the playoffs or close and never sealing the deal (Carolina being the exception).

    If we’re not making the playoffs or contending, let’s suck!

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